Stand Up!

Stand Up! TMSA Greensboro Bands Send Their Message Through Music
Posted on 05/26/2021
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Triad's Ms. Engelbrecht has a message for you:

"Our year has presented challenges none of us could ever have imagined. Many of us thrived, and many of us struggled as we found our new normal. I know you can relate.

One constant has remained: MUSIC! Music has expressed the times; has brought joy or expression to our feelings; allowed us to get out our frustrations, and gave us a meaningful outlet.

Our students at TMSA had to learn differently, this year, BUT we persevered!!! Attached, you will find many of our students participating in our annual program (some chose not to). THEY chose all the songs. THEY learned them VIRTUALLY (almost an impossible task), and released a FUN concert to be remembered.

The High School's band did their entire production on their own. "Stand Up," I wrote about our current society. The Middle School kids JUMPED on it and insisted we post the much-needed message EVERYWHERE (all done within one week!!!). Ms. Bradley graciously spent last Friday filming our on-campus students for that one. And, the other two songs, "Halo" and "22" were student choices that each child filmed in the comfort of his/her own home. I just put it all together with the help of another high schooler.

We've learned MUCH, and I hope we continue! Each of your students is celebrated and appreciated here. I hope this small offering helps you to celebrate them too!

With much love,

Ms. E"