Dual Enrollment


Students who are enrolled in dual enrollment programs are required to maintain a presence at a TMSA school, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.75 and achieving a Pre-ACT/ACT composite score of 21 or a PSAT/SAT score of 1100*.

Dual Enrollment/CCP Course Enrollment Form Grades 9 - 12

The parent or guardian of the high school student must give permission for the course to be taken, and then the student and parent/guardian must complete the TMSA dual enrollment form prior to enrolling in the course. Enrollment of a student in a course is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. The course must be approved in advance by the principal through the use of the dual enrollment form.

General Policies, Eligibility Guidelines, and Application Process

1. The course must be part of the student’s comprehensive course of study.
2. The course must provide opportunities not currently available at the student’s school.
3. The student must complete the Dual Enrollment form and have the signed approval of the principal or principal's designee prior to registering for the course.
4. In order to start CCP,
a. Students must complete at least 14 total high school credits; and
b. Complete all expected requirements for their grade levels at exceptional level (B or above)
(for CCP).
c. The student must be enrolled for at least 50% of the school course load and progressing
toward graduation at the base school.

5. Dual Enrollment with a 4 year College / University can start as early as 9th grade, and students are allowed up to 1 course per semester.
6. The student must contact the cooperating institution and complete all admission and registration or other requirements as requested by the community college or university. The student must provide their own transportation, be responsible for any fees, and follow all rules, regulations, and calendars as set by the cooperating institution.
7. The student will be responsible for providing an official grade report directly to the school as evidence of dual enrollment course completion. The course will be added to the student’s transcript, and an Incomplete (I) will be noted by the end of the semester if the official grade is not received. If a transcript is not received by the end of the school year, the grade will convert from an Incomplete (I) to an F, and the F will be calculated on the transcript. Once a student is enrolled, the course cannot be dropped without permission of the principal or designee and following the proper procedures of the cooperating institution.
a. University or college transfer courses of three to five (3-5) hours will receive one credit at the base school.
b. Community college courses of at least forty-nine (49) contact hours will receive one-half credit at the base school. Community college courses of at least ninety-nine (99) contact hours will receive one-half credit at the base school.
8. To continue the dual enrollment or CCP programs, students must maintain a minimum B or above from each
college course.
9. The student must take community college or university courses for graded credit in order to earn high school
10. Course Withdrawal Penalty: Students are not allowed to drop a course after the first two weeks of school.
If a student withdraws after the two-week period, a failure (WF) is noted as the grade, and the course is
counted as a course attempted with no quality points earned. This action will result in a lower grade point
average for the student, and students will not be allowed to continue the dual enrollment or CCP program.
11. Quality points will be calculated as defined in the TMSA High School Program Planning Guide.
12. The student must provide his or her own transportation, be responsible for any fees, and follow all rules,
regulations, and calendars as set by the cooperating institution.

*TMSA Triad - Class of 2025 requirements: Minimum 3.50 weighted GPA and 20 Pre-ACT/ACTcomposite Score or 1000 PSAT/SAT