TMSA's 15th Year Logo Design Contest

TMSA's 15th Year Logo Design Contest
Posted on 05/04/2023
TMSA's 15th Year Anniversary Logo Design ContestWe are excited to announce TMSA Public Charter School's 15th-year anniversary logo design competition. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we want our community to help us create a unique and creative logo that represents TMSA's history, mission, and impact. We are calling on all students, parents, staff, and alumni to participate in this exciting opportunity to showcase their artistic skills and to help us celebrate this special occasion. The winning designs will be awarded gift cards, and we encourage everyone to collaborate with others and have fun with the process. Please see the guidelines for submission and deadline details; we look forward to seeing your creative designs!

Here's how you can participate:

Create a logo design that reflects TMSA's 15-year anniversary. The logo should be original, creative, and easily recognizable. You can use any color scheme, font style, and graphic elements, but please ensure that your design is appropriate for all ages and audiences.

1- Submit your application here.
2- Upload your logo design in a high-resolution format (JPEG or PNG)
3- Include a brief description of your logo design, explaining how it represents TMSA's history, mission, and impact.
4- The image should be at least 300 dpi and no smaller than 1000 pixels wide.
5- The deadline for logo design submission is June 14, 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.

We will award the top three logo designs based on their creativity, uniqueness, and overall impact:

- First Place: $250 Gift Card
- Second Place: $150 Gift Card
- Third Place: $100 Gift Card

This competition is open to all members of the TMSA community, including students, parents, staff, and alumni. We encourage you to collaborate with others and to have fun with the process. Multiple entry is allowed!

Thank you for helping us celebrate TMSA's 15th-year anniversary with our logo design competition. We can't wait to see your designs!