Mayor Vaughan Visits TMSA Triad

Mayor Vaughan Visits TMSA Triad Secondary School
Posted on 02/09/2023
Mayor Vaughan Visits Triad Math and Science Academy
Our school was thrilled to welcome the mayor of Greensboro, Nancy Vaughan this Thursday morning. The Miss TMSA group organized a breakfast for her and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her career experiences afterwards in our auditorium. Inspired by last year's invite of Miss North Carolina, it has become an annual tradition at Triad Math and Science Academy – extending invites to female leaders to share their stories and experiences in their areas and the obstacles they confront as females. Our mayor, Nancy Vaughan, is the perfect example of hard work and dedication paying off. Her service to our community has not only seen successful results but also serves as an inspirational role model for our young girls in Miss TMSA. It's no surprise that Mayor Vaughan would be a true source of inspiration - reminding us to keep striving towards excellence every day.

But the Miss TMSA students didn't just listen to Mayor Vaughan speak; they actively participated in a discussion with her while chowing down on some delicious breakfast! The students asked a variety of intriguing questions to the local leader. They questioned her on the obstacles she has faced as mayor, how she has overcome them, challenges she confronts as a woman in political authority, and, obviously the most important question, what her favorite color is! (It's Chapel Hill blue, in case you were wondering).

After breakfast concluded, Mayor Vaughan moved to the auditorium where she delivered a short, inspiring speech about what she would tell her 16-year-old self. She used her unique outlook to motivate the auditorium of junior and senior high students, encouraging them to take a holistic approach in their lives. With an understanding that high school can be stressful and demanding on young minds, she reminded us that it is vital for our mental health to have time off as well. She suggested having a balanced work-life schedule; advice coming from someone who has likely had plenty experience managing hectic workloads! Her concluding lesson? “Don’t be so hard on yourself, because there will already be many others who will be hard on you out there."

Ms. Vaughan's captivating story left us feeling empowered to make a difference in our own communities. After Ms. Vaughan finished her speech, she opened the room for questions and students couldn’t be more eager to ask. She highlighted the unique challenges she faced while mayor. This included budget distribution, poverty crisis management and addressing natural disasters like the East Greensboro tornado - but emphasized how with proper collaboration among civic leaders, positive changes are possible. Her speech was truly inspiring and shone light on what can be achieved when we work together for a greater good.

We were incredibly grateful to have Mayor Nancy Vaughan’s support of Triad Math and Science Academy today. Her visit provided an incredible opportunity for Miss TMSA members who got a chance to interact directly with their local leader and ask any questions that they had. We were all inspired by her words and are motivated more than ever to take action within our communities here in Greensboro. Ms. Vaughan not only inspired the young ladies in Miss TMSA to strive for the greater good, but all the students in the school. Thank you, Mayor Vaughan!

Written by Helia O., HS Senior and president of Miss TMSA

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