Father's Day message from our Principal

Father's Day message from our Principal
Posted on 06/19/2022
Father's Day message from our PrincipalAll the educators in the world know that parental involvement is crucial in the success of their students and the entire school house! 

The overall parental involvement pattern in schools has been usually more in the lower grades levels and decreases gradually the more the grade level increases. Another common pattern is that more mothers tend to be involved in the school activities compared to fathers.

These two common patterns help to improve the school to a degree, however if the pattern were to be provoked for further growth, those learning environments will show tremendous growth for all their students. In other words, if we want all TMSA students to show tremendous levels of improvement for all areas of our school operation, we will need more and more parents involved each and every day.That means we need more parents involved for all grade levels...

That means we need more parents and more fathers involved at TMSA for all TMSA students... All the TMSA students deserve the best learning environment possible and it can only come to fruition throughout the involvement of all of us!  I would like to thank all the TMSA fathers for their support which helped us come to where we are right now and I look forward to more fathers and their involvement as we are raising the bar and we certainly need more muscles to lift our new goals for our students.

TMSA students deserve the best!

Fatih Kandil