Saturday School

Saturday school
Collaborative Poster Projects (Saturday School) 7th grade ELA Meets Black History Month. Students did a "close - reading", annotation and collaborative art project along with discussions on Ruby Bridges. The First African American Student to attend an all-white elementary school in the South.

TMSA Saturday Academy (8:00 am - 1:00 pm) is designed specifically to help our students prepare for the NC State EOG/EOC exams. Classes are fast-paced, dynamic, and interactive. Teachers will engage students in discussing and explaining subject matter concepts, challenging and teaching one another, creating and solving each other's questions and working collaboratively to share their results.

Subjects offered:

  • 6-8 ELA and Math
  • English I
  • Math 1 and Math 3
  • 8th Grade Science
  • Biology 

Additionally, Saturday Academy celebrates student milestones in learning achievement through programmatic incentives that include a combination of rewards, theme weeks, and extracurricular excursions. The program is free to all TMSA students. Any questions, please contact Ms. Hamblen or Ms. Pena. [email protected] or [email protected].